Old West Museum


Also on display are US Cavalry and Indian Wars items, Native American beadwork and costumes, Skookum dolls, and local historical items. Fort Cody even has a letter written by Louisa Cody, wife of Buffalo Bill, as well as a document that Bill himself signed!

On display are mounts of all kinds... buffalo, moose, coyote, elk, even the prize Harold Sukraw Hereford bull from the North Platte area, to name a few. Everyone is fascinated with the little two-headed calf that was born years ago in the Nebraska Sandhills.

At Fort Cody Trading Post you can be assured of a fun visit and a great learning experience of the history of Nebraska and the Wild West!


One of the best museums in the area...with the price of admission free of charge.


Fort Cody Trading Post is home to some of the finest authentic cowboy gear west of the Mississippi.  View vintage chaps, boots, hats, and saddles made by such makers as F.A. Meanea, August Buerman, Stetson, J.S. Collins, and R.T. Frazier. All pieces on display are identified and dated.